Our theme of this year's CFC is YOU CAN ChANGE A LIFE. Here are a few examples:

$1 a week (or $52 a year) buys:

  • 1 hour of crisis management at a veteran’s group specializing in PTSD

  • Pet supplies for a local animal shelter for feeding, cleaning, and medical assistance for adoptable pets for two weeks.

  • One wig for a child with cancer undergoing chemotherapy

  • 1 acre of unprotected tropical rainforest which assures protection of the natural areas vital to our climate and diverse species


$5 a week (or $260 a year) buys:

  • Two months of meals for a homebound person

  • Clothing, shoes and a winter coat for one individual who has lost everything in a fire

  • Gas or power service for an elderly or disabled person who has been threatened with a utilities termination notice

  • Allows three people being treated for mental illness to attend recovery classes that provide education, peer support, and healing strategies


$10 a week (or $520 a year) buys:

  • Baby formula for 52 low-income infants (one each week)

  • One month of preschool for a child at risk of falling through the cracks

  • Lightweight wheelchair for a person who is physically challenged

  • A full month of groceries from the local food bank for a family of four