Giving online is easier, reduces cost and is more secure.

Federal Employees have 3 vehicles through which they may complete their contribution online:

  1. MyPay (for all employees paid by DFAS - Dept. of Defense, Dept. of Energy, Dept of Health & Human Services and Dept. of Veterans Affairs)
  2. Employee Express (EEX) (for all employees paid by National Finance Center (NFC) - Dept. of Interior, Dept. of Transporation, EPA, EEOC, GSA, NASA, NARA, National Credit Union Administration, National Labor Relations Board, OPM, Railroad Retirement Board and Social Security Administration)
  3. This CFC Website through CFC Nexus - All federal employees may contribute by selecting "Pledge Online" on the homepage. New donors will need to register while returning donors merely need to log in. Donors may give by payroll or credit card.


For instructions for contributing through MyPay, click here.

For instructions for contributing through Employee Express (EEX), donors are encouraged to view the instructions for MyPay - the two online giving systems are very similar.

For instructions for contributing through CFC Nexus, click here.  All federal employees may make a payroll pledge or give by credit card. Federal employees may complete a recurring credit card contribution in addition to a one-time contribution.  See the instructions for details on recurring credit card contributions.


Benefits of Online Giving

There are advantages (to both the CFC and contributor) to giving online as opposed to completing a paper pledge card.   

  • Eliminates errors
  • Helps the CFC reduce the cost to administer the CFC.  
  • Donors can view and retrieve previous online pledges made through CFC Nexus.
  • Your pledge remains more confidential.
  • Your pledge through CFC Nexus can be made from anywhere (work or home) and made through a secure connection and site.